Just Translate 2.8.0: Translate full text from/to 59 major languages with just One-Click.

Just Translate 2.8.0

Just Translate is your ideal editor to instantly read and write foreign language text. It features 59 languages, a spell checker, transliterations and integrated in practically any Mac application such as Safari or Microsoft Word you get the power to understand unknown text with simple One-Click.

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BroadgunMuseum 1.6: Use Museum to store orders, receipts, invoices, contracts, tax documents...

BroadgunMuseum 1.6

Full text indexing of emails and PDF, text, html, Word, Excel and Powerpoint attachments Full text indexing of PDF, text, html, Word Excel and Powerpoint files Centralized document repository Multiple independent repositories possible User security - users can have search, submit or admin permissions SSL supported Sophisticated email rules to control submission of emails Clients can be on any operating system (unless windows explorer/outlook integration

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Text Finding  V1.2.5: find any file on your computer and network instantly by creating search index

Text Finding V1.2.5

Text Finding can instantly search files on your pc and other networked machines by creating text search index. It can perform full text content search in numerous types of files, inlcluding PDF, Word, Excel, HTML, Outlook Express, text, webpage source, program source etc.. You can search files by specific text string or file name no matter they are stored in your computer or networked computers. You can preview and download the found files easily

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Kalimages PRO 1.0.9: Collect meta fields from digital images into SQL database for quick search

Kalimages PRO 1.0.9

A professional tool for digital image management to capture metadata from photos or other digitalized contents loading the extracted information into a relational database for sql specialized functions and full text image search. Kalimages PRO application has IPTC/IIM, IPTC Core and XMP support including support for any xmp customized data you may have. It is designed to scan large image or photo folders.

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AutoDWG DWG indexer 1.001:  google your dwg or dxf files within your PC with this free AutoDWG DWG Indexer.

AutoDWG DWG indexer 1.001

Now you can google your dwg or dxf files in your computer with this free AutoDWG DWG Indexer. AutoDWG DWG Indexer is a freeware that searches full text in dwg or dxf files. A thumbnail is also created for each dwg file in the search list. Take advantage of Google desktop to search the content out of thousands of dwg files in your hard drive. Supports dwg, dxf file format; Supports AutoCAD R2.6 thru 2006. Supports AutoCAD R2.6 to 2006.

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Complete MPEP Edition 8 Revision 4 4.2.2: Entire MPEP edition 8 revision 4 as a single web-optimized searchable PDF

Complete MPEP Edition 8 Revision 4 4.2.2

The entire MPEP edition 8 revision 4 as a single web-optimized searchable PDF. The new computer-delivered USPTO registration exam provides a fully searchable MPEP, but the USPTO only distributes the MPEP in multiple PDF files, preventing full text searching. This release of the MPEP supports full text searching and facilitates practicing for the USPTO registration exam under realistic conditions.

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jalada Textual 4.0: jalada Textual is your Swiss Army Knife to edit any kind of text based files.

jalada Textual 4.0

jalada introduced Textual 4. Your Swiss Army Knife to edit any kind of text based files. Textual is completely new from the ground up and combines all well-liked features with lots of great new functionalities to every part of Textual. In addition to being the most powerful text editor for Mac, Texual 4 now provides a set of tools, such as document management, bookmarks, find in files, full text translations and direct online searches, etc.

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MBD Search Engine 2.3: Personal search engine for e-libraries and document archives

MBD Search Engine 2.3

MBD Search Engine is a fast full-text personal search engine for e-libraries and document archives. MBD SE is capable to create database by local or network documents, find information in a fraction of a second and display found text immediatelly without loading source documents. MBD SE is convenient for creating information retrieval system based on the personal or corporative e-libraries, archives and other large text storages.

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RocketDMS 6.4.108: RocketDMS is a multi-user document management system with workflow.

RocketDMS 6.4.108

RocketDMS is a multi-user document management system. This is a native windows application that provides easy storage, tracking, search and retrieval of electronic, scanned and physical documents. Built in scanning and full text searching. Built in workflow and scheduling. RocketDMS can be used as a GUI for Subversion and can be used with existing subversion repositories (>=1.6).

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Archivarius 3000 4.46: Document and e-mail search for home and office (with Unicode and morphology).

Archivarius 3000 4.46

full-featured application to search documents and e-mails on the desktop computer, your local network and removable drives (CD, DVD and others). Documents can be searched by content, the same like with Internet search engines. While searching the program automatically calculating all forms of words, which provide full-text documents search in 18 languages. The program will extract and save full information about all your documents. Even if a document

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